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Yes there is a virus, yes the world has gone mad and Trump is playing God. Do we care? No! Are we taking orders and shipping every day? Yes! When will your order arrive? As soon as your country delivers it! Regardless of what's going on we are dispatching orders as normal - thanks for choosing Bluemagic and stay safe people

If you have questions, please register an account and open a support ticket for a response within 24 hours, you can find an answer to most questions by looking at the FAQ tab at the top.

Finally it is here, no more DDOS no more market exits, deal direct with your favourite vendor 100% safe and secure, ready to take your orders now. You may recognise us from Empire, Grey and Apollon who sadly exited, you can find us on Big Blue, Whitehouse, Darkmarket, Monopoly, Avaris, Versus and BitBazaar amongst others, we now have our own vendor store to provide 100% uptime and contact. We login and process orders and tickets daily - last login Thursday 2nd April 2020 - we are active, working and processing orders Check out our dread subthread /d/Bluemagic and our Darknet Trust market reputation for reassurance: wk5hjnojqkavnxoo.onion/?q=bluemagic#tabs

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